Free Tickets Available for White Label World Expo, Frankfurt

One of Europe’s leading online retail sourcing shows will be held on October 12-13 at the Messe in Frankfurt

Calling all CBDpreneurs, cannabis enthusiasts, and others! The White Label World Expo will be coming to Frankfurt Germany in mid-October. The event will feature 350 cutting-edge and innovative exhibitors who are eager to share their products and expertise as Germany continues down the path of full cannabis reform.

This year, the event also features over 200 speakers whose sole aim is to help ganjapreneurs succeed. These include representatives from Gucci, Meta, QVC International, L’Oréal, Ikea, and more.

Beyond these events, there will be exciting “masterclasses” to attend, innovation awards to give out, and of course, unlimited opportunities to network at the real dawn of German and European cannabis legalization.

This is the perfect event for:

  • CBD brick-and-mortar specialty shops
  • Online CBD stores
  • CBD distributors looking for white label products for client or company branding
  • The canna-curious

The State of Cannabis Reform in Germany

Cannabis reform is in an interesting place in Germany. Currently, the Traffic Light Coalition – a three-party collaboration – is leading the country. The government promised last fall to move forward on full recreational cannabis reform, which appears to be on track for passage of the legislation at least by the summer of next year.

Medical cannabis was made legal in 2017.

Beyond that, the CBD industry continues to expand, despite the many hurdles it has had to overcome. CBD is legal aus Deutschland as long as flower contains less than .2% THC, and products contain only CBD. This will also change next year, per European mandate, to .3%.

Novel food regulation has so far limited the edibles industry, although this too is proceeding. On the European level, CBD has been removed from “narcotic” status.

That said, the German market for CBD is booming – and expected to grow as much as 40% year over year in the next few years. Some experts have extrapolated that Germany might account for as much as 50% of all CBD sales in the next few years. It is currently estimated that the annual CBD market here is worth between 200-300 million euros.

The White Label expo features vendors representing the food and beverage, clothing, vape, health and beauty, and pet segments. Beyond that, support sectors, including technology vendors and the services industry supporting the sector will all be present.

About the White Label World Expo Organizers

The White Label World Expo is an international event organized by Fortem International, an award-winning global trade fair organizer, headquartered in the UK. With over 20 years of experience in the business, the company has earned a reputation for creating world-class expos. The company runs over 35 events in the US, UK, Europe, and Asia across multiple sectors including e-commerce, technology, leisure, agriculture, hospitality, and food and beverages. Fortem works with internationally known companies and brands.

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