Lars Olofsson Names Names in Juicy Field Case – Including German Cannabis Industry Legal Insider

According to Lars Olofsson as quoted in Green Market Report, a prominent German lawyer and cannabis insider named as Juicy Fields facilitator – among others – as Olofsson launches his first-class actions

In news that is bound to have at least as much impact in Germany and across Europe as it does in the US, Green Market Report has published allegations by Swedish lawyer, Lars Olofsson, that among others, Kai Friedrich Niermann, a well-known cannabis industry attorney in Germany, who serves as co-chair of the International Cannabis Bar Association and is associated with the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) Consortium, was directly involved with the firm Juicy Fields and took compensation from them. Friedrich Niermann has also long been associated with Deutsche Hanfverband, the Berlin-based advocacy group started by Georg Wurth after winning €1 million on a game show in 2014.

Friedrich Niermann has his own law firm, KFN+, based in Paderborn. He is also increasingly well-known on the cannabis industry conference circuit certainly across Europe and is frequently quoted in the press. One recent glowing article in the Prohibition Partners linked-publication Businesscann even cited the fact that Friedrich Niermann had co-authored a paper on cannabis legalization with Burkhard Blienert, the current federal drug minister now in the middle of crafting German recreational cannabis legalization legislation. Another German publication recently referred to Friedrich Niermann as a “friend” of the Minister.

Blienert and Friedrich Niermann also just appeared as prominent speakers at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin right after the apparent Juicy Fields Exit Scam on July 11. The ICBC itself was also a recipient of Juicy Fields sponsor money and had been since at least 2021. Indeed, the Juicy Fields firm logo was only pulled off of printed ICBC conference materials with a rush reprint of the same in July after Juicy Field workers went on strike and investors’ accounts were frozen.

Berlin Bombshell?

If nothing else, this revelation by Olofsson will certainly set tongues wagging in Berlin if not a bit further afield than that. Indeed, the article, if not the charge is also likely to set off a minor explosion in the tight knit, “insider” club that has tried for several years now to retain an iron grip on all things “cannabis” – not only in Germany but across Europe.

The reality is that this is a small world.

However, the associations between Friedrich Niermann both with Juicy Fields and the German government is a new twist in the story certainly about German cannabis legalization if not the now mushrooming financial as much as cannabis scandal that is Juicy Fields. Olofsson also says he has damning evidence against all who he has named as far as well as on many other similar individuals that will be forthcoming.

US Connections

When it comes to the other attorney mentioned in the GMR article, one Shanti Persad-Moeller Esq. from Savannah Georgia, it is hard to understand even as of June 2020 when she wrote a “green paper” endorsing the company, how she ever thought that this could be a workable idea – beyond fundamental ignorance of the cannabis industry, certainly as it exists internationally, the banking system globally and securities including of the crypto-associated kind, if not other associated law in general far beyond that. Calling the Georgia Bar.

The Gloves Come Off

What this also represents is a marked change of pace for the global lawsuits planned by Olofsson. Up until now, the Swedish attorney has not publicly named names beyond people closely linked to the company in the media. This has just changed, and his current tact will continue as he continues his campaign to bring what he calls the “facilitators” of the Juicy Fields mess to justice. This includes not only banks and social media organizations who failed in their due diligence to the public, beyond investors specifically, but now includes individuals who knowingly facilitated firm operations.

Many of these individuals are apparently attorneys.

How Many Cannabis Insiders Were Involved? And Where?

Olofsson is an attorney. He is careful with his words, and they are based on documents and facts as well as witnesses. Social and other media savvy, Olofsson just thanked his clients, team, and supporters who he referred to as being similar to undercover secret agents.

Accurate description or not about those he works with, Olofsson’s observations about the workings of Juicy Fields (or not) and a clear understanding of the network that supported the same, appears to be not only accurate but laser-focused on a certain segment of both the cannabis and crypto industry in Europe. It is remarkable that in just over three months of research, Olofsson and his team feel confident enough, and have gathered enough hard evidence, to go to the media with such allegations. With clearly more to come.

This of course, is just the tip of the iceberg. But it is already one big enough, and deep enough, to sink a cannabis Titanic. It is now far too late to change course.

Who Knew, When and Did Nothing?

It is obvious that Olofsson is out for blood. The lawyer, entrepreneur and former Swedish military Seal is not messing around. He is moving quickly. Too many of his clients are in dire circumstances for anything else than focused determination to begin to make a difference in the short term. Indeed, in very little time, thanks to his network of allies, clients, and others, he has patched together a remarkably accurate picture of not only of the internal operations of the company, but who was directly involved across multiple countries in knowingly perpetuating a grotesque fraud.

This revelation, in other words, while absolutely bound to be explosive, potentially at first on the German side of the Atlantic for now, is however just one of many Olofsson says he has up his sleeve.

“I am tired of the fraud in an industry I support. I want those who knowingly perpetrated this grotesque fraud via participation for personal enrichment or merely turning a blind eye to be appropriately punished. I want my clients made whole. And I want to change things to prevent something like this from ever happening again,” Olofsson said.

“This plant is truly revolutionary. What a shame that so far, so many of those who make the news are there because of the crimes they commit in the name of legalization. This period, of course is going to end, and one of my goals is to help it close – not just for my clients but any investor who wants to place their hard-earned money into a segment of this revolution.”

Editor’s Note: Kai Friedrich Niermann and the International Cannabis Bar Association did not return requests for comment by publication time. The Bundesministerium für Gesundheit (BMG) which is currently tasked with drafting cannabis legalization in Germany responded that they could not comment on the story. The EIHA referred me back to Friedrich Niermann. before contacting us later today to correct information formerly in the first paragraph that Friedrich Niermann is not a member of the board as “only representatives from a company can be elected.” Further his association with the EIHA, as above, is work done for their Consortium.


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