The Juicy Fields Video Investor Communique: Seriously?

A strange, minute and half long video, reminiscent of a Tik Tok cannabis hacker parody, purports to give anxious investors an “update” on what the supposedly reconstituted and revamped company is doing to pay them back

The Juicy Fields saga continues to be stranger than fiction. In one of the more bizarre developments of late, the “company” released the following video clip on their webpage and Telegram group. It was also then shared on Linked In thanks to Lars Olofsson, the Swedish lawyer now pursuing international legal claims against those who helped the company facilitate the scam).

Here is the setup and pretext. The remaining “skeleton crew” are now apparently attempting to maintain that some operations are ongoing, giving conned “investors” some supposedly good news.

Regardless of the actual intent, the post also appears to be at least part sendup if not parody, making fun of those who have just been deceived. In it, a heavily computerized voice, call him “Cannabis Charlie” can be heard giving positive reinforcement to a new company team, six of whom appear to be gathered around the computer in a corporate office, all of them wearing what appear to be “Anonymous” masks and hoodies, and smoking what appear to be joints.

The audio is also very strange – with words missing and the wrong grammar used – sounding like a computerization of a badly written underlying script.

The Transcript

Here is a transcription of the video:

Cannabis Charlie: Hello all e-growers. Sorry. Security reasons do not allow me to attend the meeting. This is not a prank or a joke. I am a team member from another side of the project When it happened, I decided to do my best to save the situation. You are here because you are one of the thousands who believed in the possibility of recovering the business system of returning millions of stolen money to the end growers as you.

Today is the first day of the meeting of the anti-crisis committee. You will get acquainted and discuss important issues. Whereas Graf froze your money on the bank accounts, medical cannabis sales, trips to production, and meetings with partners, meetings with advisors and former CEOs formation of a new team.

Tomorrow is a very important meeting with Willy who is ready to help us grow new harvests. We all hope that he will not be afraid and join our coalition officially. So tomorrow we will be able to meet with him and discuss the next steps. Thanks for your attention and actions. Together we can. Keep in touch. Follow the org chat.

Is This For Real?

There is absolutely no way that anyone could take this seriously, much less a website that posted the same, purporting to be spreading “investor updates.”

Beyond this, there are clearly references to things that never existed. For example, it appears from research so far, by multiple sources, that Juicy Fields never engaged in growing of itself. Whoever “Willy” the “Master Grower” is, referred to by Cannabis Charlie, it appears he is also a figment of someone’s very fertile imagination. Whatever he purportedly did certainly is, and if it isn’t then there is another violation here – namely of the Narcotics Act in several countries.

Likewise the reference to “medical cannabis sales” is equally questionable. There were none that anyone can find so far, and no license with any licensed distributor. If there were “legitimate” sales revenues, it is also almost certain at this point that these were also gray market, again causing big issues for investors.

The “Graf” who is accused of freezing accounts of course is also unclear. This could be either a reference to Stefan Ludwig Graf – or the other part of the Luxburg family who apparently did at one point have a good relationship with Juicy Fields (as of November 1 2021 at least) but have since distanced themselves from the company. Then again, things are still confusing in this part of the world as there appears to actually be a signed purchase agreement (apparently the one that was voided) of the company, which also appears to have an office in Wroclaw Poland. Interestingly enough, Poland was also the site of an apparent Juicy Fields knockoff-mirroring site called It is unclear if there is any other connection, but this is certainly interesting.

Nevertheless, the reference is clearly dropped to stir a theme meant to reassure investors that the reformed company shall “plow on.”

Even, apparently, as comic relief.

In the meantime other investigations are afoot. There is a lot more to come in this unfolding saga. Stay tuned.


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