A New Animated Cannabis News Series

weed rather see this

Weed Rather See This is a global news summary, in animated form, of the top cannabis stories in the world.

We are pleased to announce the launch of what we hope will be a long-running, industry sponsored venture. Namely, there is a real need for news in the industry – and further not only of a written kind.

For that reason, we have launched Weed Rather See This, a short summary of the biggest news stories of the day – and further with analysis that ties trends and developments together.

The first episode is a roundup of news starting with the international pot stock rally, and what might have caused it. The two other stories are an update on the Dutch recreational cannabis tender and a brief look at the new doctor training program in Germany, being piloted in Frankfurt and other German cities.

Be sure to also check out the marauding cat!

Why Animation?

Apart from the fact that it is now relatively easy and cheap to produce, the approach feels fresh for an industry still struggling to find its way – as well as a constant need to find new audiences. At this point, audiences are also used to consuming “serious” news in many forms. It is not the “realness” of the presenter that matters – but rather the verity of the information.

The “set” is also a riff on the need to work from home, be innovative during a Pandemic, and a commentary on the growing sophistication of an industry in connecting, if not overcoming hurdles – no matter how high.

Be sure to “find the cat” who also lives on “set.”

Why Now?

The European cannabis market is about to play an outsized role in helping to regulate the entire industry. Regular reporting that can also be sponsored by companies in the middle of this explosive, exciting, often frustrating vertical as a way to build market presence, and move reform.

For sponsorship and branding opportunities, please reach out.


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